We LOVE Future Stars!
Testimonial Star Rating - 958795
by Tyler & Carrie Williams - 3/18/2019
Our son has been part of the Future Stars family for a little over a year and we are blown away with what he has accomplished. He is so in love with the sport of basketball and with all the skills he is learning he gets better every week. The coaches offer encouragement and praise while demonstrating the need for focus and dedication. The facility is wonderful and we are excited to see what the future has in store for our little baller!!! Testimonial written by Tyler & Carrie Williams on this site.
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Come try it for 2-3 sessions and see the growth
Testimonial Star Rating - 957933
by Jean Robey - 3/17/2019
The facility is busy and invigorating, comfortable and clean. The families are nice and friendly. The kids are polite and eager to work hard. Our children identify with the facility and enjoy growing skilled there. We are happy they get this place to call apart of their childhood. We have met great people through it and recommend more to try it. After 2-3 sessions kids can’t help but advance. Proof that if you give kids a safe and supportive place to grow and a measure of expectation they rise and astound you. Testimonial written by Jean Robey on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 957186
by Jen Sabyan - 3/16/2019
Great program! Coach Peter and Coach Stacy focus on character building, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork - Many life skills that will help our kids be successful young adults! We have appreciated all of the coaches over the years. Beautiful facility. Highly recommend both the volleyball and basketball programs.
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5 Stars
Testimonial Star Rating - 955219
by Chris Oken - 3/14/2019
Can’t say enough about future stars. My son has been playing for them since he was 5. Coach Peter and his excellent staff teach the fundamentals of basketball, teamwork, accountability, and respect for others. My son is now 8 and has has not only developed greatly in his basketball game but also with life skills as well. We just enrolled our other son age 6 and he is already enjoying the experience. I highly recommend Fire Stars! Testimonial written by Chris Oken on this site.
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Highly recommend
Testimonial Star Rating - 951976
by Eric P - 3/12/2019
Peter is an excellent mentor. Coaches are very engaging, they know everybody’s name, kids and parents included. We have two young boys thriving in the basketball programs. Highly recommend Future Stars. Testimonial written by Eric P on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 951713
by Curtis Baker - 3/11/2019
An amazing program for kids to learn youth sports. And beyond that they are teaching kids to be great human beings! Finding youth sports programs that get it is hard to find. I trust my kids with these coaches 100%. It starts at the top, Coach Peter and the people at ASC know what they are building, and it shows!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 951714
by Myra Romano - 3/11/2019
GRIT. HUSTLE. DRIVE. INSIRATION. I could go on and on but try one program and you will get it. Peter and his team walk the talk. They lead by having done and they continue to do. If your desire for your children is for honest, good communication that will be a building block to your children's success, not only in sports but being a well rounded and adjusted human, this team brings it. With class and style. Thank you!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 948768
by Jenny - 3/8/2019
Great Company, awesome leadership, loyal, honest and hard working staff. My kids are having a blast. Testimonial written by Jenny on this site.
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